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Flex RIO PXIe-7972R, Target to Host Continuous Transfer Speed,Maximum?


What is a reasonable fastest continuous DMA Target  to Host data transfer rate I can run?

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Depends on chassis, controller, and operating system configuration.


With a 7976 I've seen 900 MB/sec but this was limited by the disk.  The 7972 is similar.


The shipping example "High Throughput Streaming.lvproj" is able to run tests up to 2 GB/sec.


Do you have your hardware?  You can run this example.

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Thanks for the response....I'll take a look at "High Throughput Streaming.lvproj" once I have my hardware setup.


At this point of my design I am trying to figure out what is a reasonable data rate

Hardware this will run on is 

  • PXIe-1095, 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis
  • PXIe-8880, Xeon 8-core 2.3 GHz controller, Red Hat
  •  6 PXIe-7972R, FlexRIO FPGA Module 
  • PXIe-8240, 40 Gb Ethernet Interface Module

I need to stream from one of the FlexRIOs back to the controller (which then sends it to the Ethernet Module)


If I don't compress I need to pass 32bit words at 20MHz......while other bus operations are happening on the other 5 FlexRIO

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