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Flashing Power LED on cRIO-9038

We have a cRIO-9038 that has been working fine until this morning, where upon bootup we found that the POWER LED (not the STATUS LED) is flashing green continuously. We went through the manual and are unable to find any info on a flashing POWER LED light. Anyone has similar experience?

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Hi LKLim,

I've done some research internally, and sometimes this issue can occur due to faulty power supplies. However, other times this has occurred when power has been lost during operation, and could potentially suggest a hardware error.


Try booting the device in safe mode by doing the following (from the 9038 manual):

Hold the RESET button again for 5 seconds to boot the controller into safe mode, enable Console Out, and reset network adapters to default settings.

In safe mode, can you connect or use the device? If not, can you read the console out from the RS232 port during boot, and post the results here? See page 5 in the manual for more information on reading the console out.




Michael Whitten
Staff Applications Engineer | RF & Wireless
National Instruments
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