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Fault of TDK lambda HV unit according to the log with NI DIDS cRIO9066, 9411, 9751

The Di driver (NI DIDS cRIO9066, 9411, 9751)was working correctly, but after replacing the PC I had a problem. The power supply could not be turned on/off by software(SCM2015) with DI driver (cRIO9066, 9411, 9751×2) .The cause is the communication failure with the TDK lambda HV unit according to the log. Therefore, the following was implemented, but it has not solved. The driver update .exe I got from HPL before can't be used in the target license error log. (It was used before.)Also, I tried Restor using .zip file.The cRIO status is that the USER1 LED blinks three times and the TDK Fault log is in the same state.

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