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Failed to load shared libraries on RT target

I am using Labview 8.5 (winXP) to communicate with an RT desktop system. I have older code (7.1) that I am trying to get running on the RT system, but when I deploy, I keep getting "Failed to load shared library" messages.

Through recommendations from other portions of the NI site, I have gone in to the system via FTP, found the NI-RT.ini file, and located the offending line:
StartupDLLs=c:\ni-rt\system\niidqsvr.dll;c:\ni-rt\system\taggerrt.dll; c:\ni-rt\system\nipxism.dll;niorbp.dll;c:\ni-rt\system\mxsemb.dll;c:\ni-rt\system\nidevldp.dll;

I needed to go through a few iterations, removing references to the following dlls in order for my older VIs to be able to load:
nipxism.dll; niorbp.dll

The RT system has the same software installed on it as the previous RT system. The offending line in NI-RT.ini now looks like:

I have a few questions. This is a new install on the RT box, so why would I need to remove references to libraries that should have been there? If i installed the software, and those references were added to the NI-RT.ini file, the libraries should exist. But they dont, and I don't know why.
The other question is what NI software is associated with each of these libraries? They appear to not be essential for my own code, but I don't want to get into another project at some later point and find a necessary library missing.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi mpesavento,

I searched through our archives, and didn't see any reports if anyone experiencing any similar errors.  I'm not sure how or why your NI-RT.ini file has references to these packages, but I wouldn't worry about it.  If you find you need a software package that you don't have, you can always reinstall it.

From what I can tell, these dlls were related to the following software packages.  Note that some of them may be obsolete, so just because you don't have these dlls doesn't mean the associated software package wouldn't work.

nipxism.dll - PXI Services (Components used when your RT target is a PXI controller rather than a desktop PC)
niorbp.dll - NI-ORB (A shared component used by NI-VISA, PXI Services, among others)
mxsemb.dll - MXS (NI Configuration Manager)
nidevldp.dll - DAQmx (Driver for many National Instruments data acquisition devices)
Eric V
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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As Eric said, I don't think this is a severe problem, but R&D would be interested in investigating this if you can reproduce it. Usability issues can often be as frustrating as execution or performance issues if the workaround is difficult or the frequency is high. Hopefully we can fix your issue so future users don't have to search our forums to find your solution.


| Michael K | Project Manager | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments |

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I am also having the same problem on a new RT system running LabVIEW 8.5.  The specific library that is failing to load is niidqsvr.dll.  What driver does that library belong to?




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Hi CherieC,


It looks like the problem you are having is addressed here. It seems that on my system, that .dll is in folder for the NI-DAQ driver.



Stephen S.

National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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Hi Stephen,


Thanks for your reply.  I uninstalled and re-installed NI-DAQ traditional on my RT target, and that seems to have stopped the error message.


I am still bothered by the fact that a new system would have this problem right out of the box.  Something for NI to look into I guess...


Thanks for your help,


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I have experienced a similar problem  when trying to deploy the network shared variables on a PXI 8106 RT machine I got the following message:

LabVIEW:  Failed to load shared library  c:\ni-rt\system\taggerrt.dll on RT target device.

 (successfully deployed target settings)

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib 

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:Abort & Warning  \\\variables - network - RT\Abort & Warning deployed.

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:Status Messages  \\\variables - network - RT\Status Messages deployed.

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:Controls  \\\variables - network - RT\Controls deployed.

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:Analog Inputs  \\\variables - network - RT\Analog Inputs deployed.

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:Discrete Inputs  \\\variables - network - RT\Discrete Inputs deployed.

Deploying variables - network - RT.lvlib:stop  \\\variables - network - RT\stop deployed.



Download completed with errors.


On further investigation I found that the c:\ni-rt\system\ folder doesn't exist on the host machine.   The taggerrt.dll does exist in c:\Program Files\National Instruments\RT images\NVE Core\1.2.1.

So; why didn't the deployment software know where it is?  This is a new installation on both machines; it seems to me that this type of problem should never happen!   How do I fix it?

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Hi Mr6dof,


You are correct that the c:\ni-rt folder does not exist on your host machine. That path refers to your Real-Time target. As for how to solve your problem, did you try the steps in the document here that I posted earlier? You should be able to use an FTP client to access the target and open your ni-rt.ini file.



Stephen S.

National Instruments
Applications Engineering
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In this instance I have never uninstalled any drivers.  When I deploy the entire RT application I don't get the error, I only saw it when I attempted to deploy the network variables alone.
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