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Fail to discover the EtherCAT Master Device on cRIO-7040

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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to build communications between a cRIO-7040 controller with a third-party EtherCAT device.

Generally, the idea was setting the cRIO as EtherCAT master while the third-party device as EtherCAT slave.

This is one of the guides I followed to set up this EtherCAT system. In brief:

1. Install recommended software onto the cRIO including cRIO driver, NI Real-Time, NI scan engine, NI-industrial communications for EtherCAT driver and so on (software list was posted).

2. Change the mode of ethernet port 1 on the cRIO as EtherCAT (ps. the ethernet port 0 was primary as posted).

3. Create a blank Labview project and then add both cRIO Chassis and EtherCAT Master Device.

However, only cRIO Chassis was dicovered without anything EtherCAT Master Device (as attachment 2).


There are some matters needing attention according to the guides and posts in NI community:

1. Install all necessary software with compatible versions. (Check through attachment 1 left.)

2. Make sure the EtherCAT mode of the ethernet port. (Check through attachment 1 right.)

3. Perhaps the setup of hardware matters. 

In details, the ethernet port 1 on the cRIO was connected with the EtherCAT IN port on the EtherCAT slave device.

The EtherCAT slave device was a Motion controller from Faulhaber (MC 5005 S ET).

When directly connecting the Faulhaber device with PC ethernet port, there was no problem to communicate with it through the software from Faulhaber.

Here is the communication manual of that Faulhaber device:


The related posts were mainly about the problems after adding the EtherCAT Master Device.

One post discribed similar problem without solved.

And all my attempts were failed.

I'd great appreciate your help if you have any ideas about the reason.

Darren X.

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Make sure the version of NI-industrial communications for EtherCAT driver was supported by the version of Labview software and the OS system. 

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