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FTP Get VI giving error 15550 on the RT target

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I set up a ftp server on my computer using Filezilla, the aim is to allow a RT target (CRIO 9022) to download some files from my PC.

Here is the VI that requests the file to the ftp server:

VI ftp.JPG

This VI is working when I run it on my computer in the project explorer, but when I run it on the RT target I get error 15550.


Maybe I must change the IP adress, but I don't know what is the IP adress of my computer from the perspective of the RT target.


I found this solution on the support: clic

But I'm not using any external hard drive and I'm not creating a new folder.


Thank you for your help,


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I finally found the solution, I used the IP adress of my ethernet board.

Sorry for creating a useless topic.

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