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FPGA - Compilation successful but error 89: File System Full

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Hello Friends,


at the end of my last compilation the Compile Server reported an error 89: File System Full. Does anyone know what the File System is?

Perhaps the flash memory for the bitfiles? But this will be erased automatically with every new bitfile download.  


Note that the compilation was successful and only 89% of slices where used. So there is still space available (FFs and LUTs).


Are there eventually limitations about using IO-Nodes or FIFOs?


Hardware: cRIO 9002  with 9101 FPGA Chassis.



Thank you for helping.



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Hi marco,


I haven't seen that error before, but my initial guess would be that the computer where you are running the compile server is running out of hard drive space (or the computer that is running LabVIEW).  Have you checked that?

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In fact my computer is running out of harddrive space. But does this matter? There are almost 45MB...but I will check it.

Some smaller FPGA-VIs are compiled successfully. Lets see...


Thanks MJota




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Accepted by topic author pantani

Harddrive was out of free space. After freeing about 100Mbytes there was enough space again to compile successfully.




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Good to hear that explained your error. If you need to free some extra space, you can delete the contents of the following two folders where intermediate FPGA VI compilation files get created: by default C:\NIFPGA86\clntTmp and srvTmp. Additionally, those locations are user configurablen from the Tools>>FPGA Module Options dialog in LabVIEW and the Compile Server configuration dialog.

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