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FIFO not updated in cRIO 9073



  I am using cRIO 9073 for data acquisition from a sensor using the NI module 9213. I am facing problem with the FIFO. Until around 20 minutes of data acquisition I am able to store data to FIFO and get data from FIFO properly after around 20 minutes the FIFO is not replaced by new data being read by the program because of this the result freezes at the data point recorded at around 20th minute.

  I have attached a screenshot of the program. Clock tick = 10,000,000, No of average is 10, Wait between measurement is 1sec, No of channel is 11.  The FIFO depth is set as 8191. 


  Please let me know how to resolve this.




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Attachment was missed out in previous post.




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Hello Mukunda,


What is happening in the other cases of the FPGA code, and how is the data being pulled from the FIFO in the host code?


There isn't anything in this screenshot that looks like it would break in 20 minutes, so the error is likely happening elsewhere in your system.


best regards.

Matthew H.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Matthew,


  There was a problem in some other part of the code due to which reading from FIFO was stalled. Now the problem is resolved.




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