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Error with lvanlys.dll loading when deploying code on cRIO-9073


Hi All,



I'm actually blocked with my project due to a known deployement error on cRIO-9073. It is related with the "lvanlys" library.

I'm using LabVIEW 9 and each time I try to deploy my code on the cRIO, it terminates with error like "LabVIEW: Failed to load ..... lvanlys .....on RT target device".


I've seen old posts about this problem, but no real solutions. I've also seen that a fix is present in LabVIEW 9 (52841 - 4CMBQFFK - lvanlys.dll causes errors on RT system).


As last test, I've removed from my main VI, all the sub-VIs that contain calls to this lvanlys library and the deployement is ok.


Thanks for your ideas & help.







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Hi Synthesis,


- Is the problem still there if you reboot your cRIO?

- Did you try to reinstall the SW on your RT target (format drive>reinstall SW) ? This could probably arise because of a software corruption on the target.



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Setting the NI RIO Software version on the target to 3.2.1 (minimal) fixes this problem.

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