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Error acquiring data on NI 9233

I am receiving the following error on my cRIO 9012 using a NI 9233 module in slot 1:

Error 65538 occurred at an unidentified location

Possible reason(s):

CompactRIO: (Hex 0x10002) The operation failed to complete in time. Make sure the module is not busy and the system is configured properly.

The error is coming out of the AI0 FGPA I/O node. Can anyone guess at why the unit thinks it is not configured/busy? Any suggestions on things to try would be highly appreciate.

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Hi Hendrik,


My guess is that you are not starting your acquisition by writing a true to the Start channel of the 9233.


Have you looked at the 923x examples that are installed by NI-RIO? They do show how to write to the Start channel in order to get the acquisition started.


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My guess is the same as JMota's.


The example mentioned is VERY good, and should show you everything you need to do to read from your 9233.  It is located in the Example Finder (Help >> Find Examples..) under Hardware Input and Output >> CompactRIO >> Module Specific >> Analog Input >> NI 9233 Getting Started.lvproj.


I just wanted to add that the help file for the 9233 (and really any other module) is also a great resource.  It explains exactly what all of the I/O for the module is (Start, Stop, AIx, etc..).  The quickest way to the help file is to right-click on the module in your Project Explorer window, and select Help. 


Hope this helps! 

Brian A.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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