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Error When Writing to SD Card on cRIO



I am trying to use a SD card to store information acquired by my cRIO-9040.


The SD card in question is an ADATA 16GB UHS-1 microSDHC card with an adapter for SD card size, its default file system is FAT32.


When connecting to the cRIO, I can access the card's contents via the remote file browser (the card's directory is V:) and can download files. However, when attempting to write new data to it, I get error messages.


When trying to create a new folder via remote browser, I get a "403 Forbidden" error.

When trying to create a new text file, from the same method, I get a "500 Internal Server" error.


SD browser.png


Finally, when running a VI that creates a new file and stores data to it (I verified that this VI works for USB flash drives), I get an error of code 6.

SD VI.png


According to its specifications, the cRIO-9040 supports SDHC cards.

This page says that FAT32 filesystem is both support and recommended:

This page also says that 16GB cards are supported (although it specifies SD, not microSD cards):


Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Is it an issue with the card, or with the cRIO?

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