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Error -89137 When using a DI and DO on a 9375

Having an issue synchronizing the DI and DO on a 9375.  I need to run the output as a HWTSP and the DI can run as whatever, I may eventually need to run HWTSP on the DI but not yet.  I am trying  to avoid using the FPGA for now, but if it comes to that I will do it.  I tried messing with the ref clock source, but that is not available on that platform.  Also I it seems that this was an issue that NI knows about(and has in theory fixed) so I assume there is a solution. 








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Did you check that resource was not being used anywhere else? This KB could be helpful


Error -89137 When Using Multiple NI-DAQmx Tasks or Terminal Routes


Also, you also try installing a newer version of DAQmx drivers



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