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Error -50400, after some tests

Hello community!


I have this vi to measure pressure and T from my equipment. The program as been working fine for a few years. I use a cDAQ- 9188 with module NI 9239. Recently I calibrated the pressure transducers (with another program) and now I got the "Error -50400 occurred at Data Acquisition -", with the possible reason "The transfer did not complete within the timeout period or within the specified number of retries.".

Now, for me this feels like should not be about the program, because of its previous good functionality. But I'm not sure from where I can approach this problem. 

I have tried changing timeout of the DAQ assistant, reconnect my ethernet cable, look for issues on the power supply but I'm not sure if I did some permanent damage on the hardware when doing the calibration or if there is a list of actions to find the root of the problem.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Attached the vi.

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Hello, sna 31

I am attaching a link to Q&A page, where is described your error with its solution.

Would be interesting to see the results from you



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