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Difference between 157732-01L and 783849-01 (CRIO-9036)


I'm trying to verify the difference between an old CRIO-9036 model (157732-01L) that I have on the shelf and the new model CRIO-9036 that NI has to offer (783849-01).,  There is no documentation online I can find to support.  Please help!

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It is the same model and Part Number (PN).


For more context, the PN 783849-01 that you see in the website is a "shipping kit", whereas the PN 157732-01L is the cRIO itself.


Basically, the shipping kit is the PN that includes the box, manual, cables and cRIO. In other words, the 783... number has inside the 157... device with its shipping accessories.



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