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Delete .nivsscr from a Veristand 2020 R4 project after a new screen is added

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After adding a new screen to a Veristand 2020R4 project, I cannot delete or exclude any of the existing .nivsscr screen files. Why is that? How do I get around this issue? In previous versions of Veristand (2017 and 2018, I could open the Veristand UI Manager and delete or exclude items from the project file. How do I access the UI Manager in "offline" mode?

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Figured it out! At least one of the screens has to be in "Edit" mode.  Setting a .nivsscr in edit mode enables the delete/exclude of any of the .nivsscr files in the Veristand 2020 R4 project. This may work on 2019 and other 2020 version too (I have not tested it)

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