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Define text screen resolution on CRIO9033

Hi all,


we are using text screen on CRIO9033 to display text data (using curses library). (embedded user interface = off)

However resolution of text on the screen is somehow "random", and can differ between two system starts without changing anything on the system. So, text size can go from "unreadable" (small) to "too big to fit on screen".

So we would like to define the resolution, but we didn't find the configuration where to define it.

We tried:

  • Switching to graphic screen (embedded user interface = on), defining a specifig resolution, then switching back to text screen (embedded user interface = off) --> no change of resolution in text screen
  • Defining resolution in /boot/grub/grubenv --> no change of resolution on text screen

We hope, somebody can help us with this question.


Sincerely, Jens

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Hello dear Jens,

Can you say what kind of  screen you are using for displaying the text?

The problem might be connected with screen type capabilities.   

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Hi Lyudvig,


different types.

One I have here is for example a FT0070TM from faytech


Exactly that is the problem. We want to define the screen resolution, so that we can make sure that everything fits properly on the screen which is used with the particular CRIO9033.

So if I know that the screen has a resolution of 800x600 I want to define 800x600 somewhere in the CRIO9033 for the console (not graphical) output.

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Then I suggest you to follow this steps in the picture I have attached. 


I am also attaching the article link, you can go trough it. 

Font Size On LabVIEW Front Panel Changes Depending On The Operating System - NI

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