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Data logging to a networked drive

I am developing an application on the 9074, with hopes of eventually porting it to SB-RIO. I would like to log data from the VI running in the cRIO host to a drive on the local network. Does cRIO/VxWorks support drive mapping? I noticed there is a drive mapping VI ( on Windows machines. Does the equivalent exist, or could it be developed for cRIO. If not, could the TCP functions somehow be used to log data to a networked drive, and subsequently retrieve files from it?


Thanks for any help.

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The VxWorks Kernel used in LabVIEW Real-Time does not yet support NFS or CIFS network filesystem support, so I'm afraid we cannot yet support your use-case.  We do have active projects researching the possibility of adding this in a future version, but it is not yet on our official roadmap. 



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