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Data from several load cells, different excitation voltages, NI9237


I'm using a NI9237 w/ the 9172 chassis, and I'm trying to read data from two different load cells (simultaneously) that have different excitation voltages. When I try to set this up in Labview, I get an error that different excitation values are not supported for related physical channels, which I assume means channels within the same module. Can anyone help me out with this - is there a work-around, or just a limitation of the 9237? My VI is attached in case there is something I'm doing wrong in there - the error arises at the "Start task" box. I should add that both load cells work fine independently of each other, through the same hardware.



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Thank you for posting on the NI Forums. Unfortunately the 9237 can only support one voltage excitation level per unit at a time. The only work around for this problem would be to get another 9237 card and have it provide your different excitation level. The restriction is just due to how the hardware is designed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Aaron W.
National Instruments
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