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Connecting the NI 9213 thermocouple module and a cRIO chassis with a DB cable

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My goal is perform ''remote'' acquisition of temperatures, using an NI 9213 thermocouple module with an NI 9075 CompactRio chassis. To implement this ''remote'' sensing task, I wanted to use a 15-pin D-Sub cable to connect the thermocouple module to the cRIO chassis, and therefore avoid the direct D-Sub connection between the two. I tried this with a 25 feet DB15 male/female cable (VGA), but it doesn't work (no temperature reading on my LabVIEW), as opposed to when I directly place the NI 9213 module in the chassis. Is this supposed to work, or is it necessary to use a ''standard'' NI cable to succeed in connecting the module and the cRIO?


Thank you.



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No, it's not supported as this article indicates.

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ok. Thank you for your answer.

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