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Connecting cRIO 9054 with arduino (Ethernet Shield) and communicate over UDP protocol

Hello guys,

I have a weird idea that i want to realize. I have a cRIO 9054 and i would like to generate pwm signals to control several motors. I am on a low budget and i can not purchase c-series modules to achieve it, therefore, i am trying to find a way around. By the way i tried several software-based pwm VIs with NI 9375 DIO module (which is not able to access counters within cRIO), however the ESC doesn't seem to recognize or "like" the signal that i sent. I can not see the signal that i am sending since i don't have any oscilloscope. So, basically what i want to achieve is to sent data over UDP to Arduino and map this data to pwm for ESCs. Are there anyone who tried this kind of setup before. Thanks!

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Hi onur_ers

There is a video where you can understand the concept how to implement your code to achieve your desired result. 

Also, I suggest you contact with Arduino support as well, they might have some examples to help you implement your code. 




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