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Connecting Compact Rio Chassis NI-9157 to laptop

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Hello all,

I have an NI-9157 and have been using a laptop with a PCI express slot built in to communicate to the RIO. This laptop has been replaced but the replacement does not have the same PCI express built in slot. Only USB connections exist on the new machine. Is it possible to connect to the CompactRIO chassis I have using these slots via  an adapter to the PCI card or something along those lines?

In essence, what are my options.


Cheers in advance.


PS. hopefully this is the correct community forum for this question, if not please guide in the correct direction. Much appreciated.

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NI-9157 communicates with your PC via MXI technology. Connection option is really limited.

You do have NI PXI-ExpressCard8360? It is only product to connect NI-9157 to your note PC so if the slot doesn't exist,

it is difficult to communicate with NI-9157.






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Yes I have a NI ExpressCard-8360. 
What is the thunderbolt 3 control of pxi express? Interested as I do have that connection available. 

Would it be feasible to use a PXIe-8301 connected via thunderbolt 3 to the laptop, and then the PCI Express slots that exist on that card connected via an extension cable of some sort (if something like that even exists)? 

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There are a couple ways you can go.  You can use the PXIe-8301 to connect to a PXIe chassis, then use a PXIe-8364 to connect to your NI-9157.  This gives you some PXI slots if you have need for them.  The second way is to use a Sonnet Echo ExpressCard Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 cable.  This creates an ExpressCard slot where you can plug in your NI ExpressCard-8360.


- Robert

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Out of interest, what are the options on a tower?

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On a tower / "normal-sized case desktop computer", you have the same options as with your laptop, plus some additional ones:

  • Using a PCI Express slot card that provides a MXI port like the NI PCIe-8361
  • Use a PCI card (without "Express), in case you need to use an older PC out of a specific reason.
  • There are PCI and PCI Express cards available for copper MXI cables (cable length up to some meters), and Fibre Optics (long connections).

See Device for PXI Remote Control for an overview.

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