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Configuring and Troubleshoot FlexRIO 7953R & 6585 Adapter Module

Hi all, I have a dummy's question that I was creating a program that would uses FlexRIO 7953R & 6585 adapter to simulate a serial communication interface. 


As this project is suppose a reuse, so I am given a interface help file and a *.lvbitx file to download into the FlexRio board PXI-7953R.  Anyhow, I can see the proper data (using a scope) that goes into the 6585 adapter, but I could not read anything out from the software side.  As this is a black box to me, I want to post this question, what I can do to troubleshoot?


And also, from reading the FlexRio document, it seems like adapter module can also be configured.  I also want to ask if it is also possible that I am missing the configuration file for the adapter module?


Any help is appreciated.






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