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Configuring Troubles: cRIO-9014



I have the cRIO system with a cRIO-9024 controller with the cRIO-9118 chassis. That is full configured and working like a charm.


Now I purchased a used controller cRIO-9014 and I would like to get it working with the same chassis - as it is compatible.


I connect it, reseted the IP configurations on the controller itself with the DIP switch.  I can scan and find the controller on NI MAX. I change the IP settings to DHCP and local link (as it is directly connected to my computer).  I change the name and comments that were left on the controller, save and hit the reboot. 


I look back into the settings and see no changes: IP settings, name and comments are all left untouched.  I double getting firewall and network settings (made sure I would obtain an IP address autonomatically). 


At this point I have an unconfigured controller (with IP address and I cant get it configured. 


Any suggestions?



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Hi Daniel,


Have you tried the steps in the following resource?

Paolo F.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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