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CompactRio input debouncing ?


Dear all,


I am new compactRio so maybe this is trivial for you ...


I have a force sensor connected to my CompactRio (NI 9375 input/output board).

The sensor should send digital pulses of 0 and + 24 Volts to the NI 9375 board.


In my labVIEW application, I have a simple case structure : if the digit input of the NI 9375 receive +24 Volts from the sensor, the application should do certain jobs. otherwise nothing.


I have impression that sometimes I get parasitic signals on this input. so sometimes the case structure is executed even if the condition in not true!


Do you know that this kind of problem is normal ? should I resolve this problem by defining a debouncing time?


Thank you and Bests regards

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Again, post your code. I'm assuming you're using the scan engine and not FPGA. No, what you're seeing is not common. A 24 volt signal is usually fairly robust. Can you check with a scope or something to see if there's any transients. If so, then, yes, maybe you need to debounce but I've always done that on the FPGA side.

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