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Compact RIO - vxworks

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Re: Compact RIO - vxworks

Hi Aldo,

If you run setup-gcc in CommandPrompt and then run       c++ppc -print-search-dirs    you can see that gcc-lib is defined as the first path. In my computer a gcc compiler (based on Fortran software) is installed in the abovementioned path. Have you installed gcc compiler in your computer?

It should be noted that I installed gcc compiler. Since the source of gcc compiler is in Linux, I installed it by using Mingw software. But I don't know how can gcc compiler be related to c++ppc.

Have you any suggestion or opinion?





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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: Compact RIO - vxworks

 Hi Aldo,

I noticed that the c++ppc file uses the following path, as i mentioned previously.


EGCS is a compiler frame-work which was created in my computer after installing PSCAD/EMTDC software. In EGCS framework, some compiler such as C, Fortran etc may be present. Since, I didn’t have a compatible compiler with vxWorks in the abovementioned path, it cannot work properly. So, I tried to use vxWorks in a computer which the PSCAD software is not installed in, and it can correctly compile the example file.



Mahdi Davarpanah

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Re: Compact RIO - vxworks

Hi Mahdi,


Thanks for the update. I'm glad that the gcc compiler path was the issue in this case and you got it. Hopefully in the future when people search for the similar error, they can check their gcc c++ppc build paths.



Aldo A
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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