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Choosing a cRIO controller by energy efficiency

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Hi there,


For a project highly focused on energy efficiency, we are looking for information concerning the power consumption of cRIO / sbRIO controllers. Any of the NI RIO hardware should be sufficient considering performance, but which one to choose for least power consumption?

Any experience anyone? Any selection guide / overview? 


Thank you very much...



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I recommend checking out the NI sbRIO-9651, which is a small form factor and might be the lowest consumption: NI sbRIO-9651 


All cRIO/sbRIO specifications sheets contain power consumption (usually as a measure of "Maximum Power", which you can use to have a ballpark regarding how much the device will consume if its used to its limits).


Also consider that while the smaller form factors consume less power by themselves, they do not have as much signal conditioning as the larger systems, such as the CompactRIO with its C series modules. Then, if you use an sbRIO SOM, then you will need to design most of the signal conditioning and breakout boards to use it.


I think it will be worth your time to talk with one of our sales representatives to know more about your application and discuss the best options for you.


Another table you can use to see all the different RIO options: CompactRIO and CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers Specification Comparison 



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Hello Oscar,


Thank you, this was very helpful 👍

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Hello to all,

Just to share some real life data...

the system we currently run is a cRIO 9045 equipped with:

2 x 9205,

1x 9216,

1x 9264,

1x 9425,

1x 9476

HMI active 
5" Touchscreen powered by the cRIO USB Port with 500mA@5V 

running a data acquisition on all inputs with 10ms sample rate

writing ~ 5MB / hr logdata to a SD card

running user interface, range checking, control loops and an opc ua server

-> total CPU load ~ 60%, 1,8GB RAM used

-> total power consumption is 750mA @ 24V  = 18W ( without display ~ 15W)

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