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So my boss recently purchased a couple cDAQ-9132 embedded cDAQ chassis.  He meant to buy the ones with the Linux RT embedded OS but accidentally bought the ones with embedded Windows 7.  Now for this project I think we can get away with just having Windows on there and we will be moving forward.  But if the time comes that we realize we actually do want the embedded Linux RT OS, is there a path to change from one OS to the other?  I realize there is a license cost and we'd be willing to pay it but I didn't know if NI had a knowledge article or description on how to go from one OS to another and searching didn't find anything.  Thanks.

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08-09-2018 12:03 PM

Hi Hooovahh,


The article Can I Change the Operating System of My cDAQ-913X? explains that changing the operating system is not a supported process and lists a few reasons for why this is the case.


If the purchase was recent enough, you can call the RMA team at 1-877-493-2406 to learn how to exchange your cDAQ for one with LinuxRT.

Mike B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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