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Cannot deploy NI9425 and 9221 or see on MAX

I have three modules plugged into a CRIO-9065. An NI-9871 (RS485 module), NI-9425 (digital inputs), and 9221 (analog voltage inputs).


The 9871 is detected by MAX just fine but the other two are not.

Nonetheless, in Labview all three show up and can I use them in creating a VI.


However, if I click on "Deploy All" or run, it always gives a mysterious error: 

"NI System Configuration: The operation failed because of missing dependency items"


There is no indication as to what the missing items might be. I am guessing that perhaps if it could be pulled up in MAX then that could give some clues.


I do have scan and CRIO real-time loaded. The other module (the 9871) works just fine.


Any clues on what I have to do to be able to deploy using those modules?

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