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Cannot connect to cRIO 9082

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Hello, everyone.

I'm quite new in using NI equipment. But I'm getting real troubles with a cRIO 9082 we have here at my work.

I have L.V. 2016, RT 2016 and cRIO 2016 modules installed in the OS from the cRIO 9082, but I cannot see this module. It appears at the tree inside MAX, but every time I try to see the Device and Interfaces or the Software it doesn't allowed me to expand.

Also, when I try to Reset the IP, it turns to IP and, again, doesn't make any connection.

(I hope I could explain the best way)

After those pics I've taken, I tried to uninstall all NI module from the O.S., and installed again only those 3 mentioned, and even with this the error persisted.


Has anyone seen this before?



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Hey André,


Well, one thing I noticed glacing over your screen shots is that your connection icon on system tray shows up that there is no network connection with the Computer. If that is happening, no software setting will work out.




If you are connecting cRIO directly, make sure your using a correct Ethernet cable (For point to point, crossover cable is sometimes required). Also, make sure your computer and cRIO are on the same network. In this case, the Network Connection Icon on system tray, should look like this.




In case you are connecting your cRIO to a Network, make sure both computers are set to get an IP address from the DHCP server.


Try using ping to make sure both cRIO and your host computer can communicate.


Hope that helps.



Felipe Flores
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello, Felipe.


Pardon me if what I'm saying is too obvius, but I'm using only the cRIO 9082, without any computer connected. Do I need to connect a computer to operate the cRIO 9082? Can't I use only the O.S. that already is inside 9082?




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Accepted by topic author Andre_Simoes

Hey André,


I owe you an apology. I didn't noticed that you are using a cRIO with Windows.


Ok, let's see. In no case you will be able to see the cRIO modules on MAX. This only happen when using DAQ devices, not RIO, as in your case.


When using cRIO in windows, you should actually add the back plane FPGA as a target under the My Computer project target, instead of adding the controller, as we do in RT cRIOs. You project tree should look like this.



Hope that helps.


Best Regards.

Felipe Flores
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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