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Cannot Install LabView Real Time Software (missing)

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I got this cRIO-9063 for me to setup and explore, so I started doing all the software and stuff to my host pc, and NI MAX was able to see it. Then when I install some of the features and it says need Real Time (for dependency) but it is already installed. So I format it and planned to re-install the Real Time Software which to my surprise, it was missing from the installation options. Now I can't do anything with it since I don't know where to look for the Real Time Software.


Currently, I reinstalled everything from scratch. But I would expect same thing will happen.

I need some thoughts on my issue. Thank you.




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@RicharDoo wrote:

... since I don't know where to look for the Real Time Software.



You are not giving sufficient information (LabVIEW version, how and what you have installed, what licenses you have, etc.), but if you use the correct version of a web-based installer, you should be able to select anything you want.

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Some screenshots might help. You might be missing the CRIO drivers which contain the packages that get installed onto the RIO.

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I really appreciate your response.

I was able to fix my problem, and what I did is I download and install the Real-Time Module, and to fix the add software issue, I did format the PXI module and delete it from Remote Systems, reconnect the module  and let NI MAX detect automatically, and then I was able to download the software onto the module.


Everything was smooth, but after installation of softwares, I cannot see the C modules, CompactRIO 18.0 is installed. 


I followed this method in the LabView but it only shows like this in the attached image.

The "New » Targets and Devices" selection is missing.





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If the CompactRIO driver was installed before you installed LabVIEW/RT Module, it could be an order of installation problem. Try repairing the CompactRIO drivers.



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Hi Jordan,


It didn't came to my mind that the order could have messed up the installation.

I may have installed the driver first before the Labview. Let me try to do everything again and get back for the result. Thank you.




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The screenshot gave me a clue. Is that LV64bit? I think LV64bit doesn't support Real Time.

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Accepted by topic author RicharDoo
01-10-2019 04:32 PM

Hi nanocyte,

In fact yes, i was able to figure out after trying to reinstall everything. And I was able to solved my problem.



-If in doubt, just remove everything (using NI Package Manager to uninstall).

-Order of installation, LabView then NI Drivers.

-Use the LabView 32bit version. <-- most important thing


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