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Cannot Add 986x Devices under cRIO DAQmx Controllers in Project

I do not have the option to add an NI-9862 under a cRIO-9053 in the project.  None of the 986x modules are options when adding a new C Series Module under the "Real-Time Resources" section.  


I see this same behavior for all of the cRIO-904x and cRIO-905x DAQmx controllers.  But I do have the option of adding 986x modules under the "Real-Time Scan Resources" of cRIO FPGA controllers.  


I thought that this might be an installation issues with NI-XNET, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it.  But the behavior persists.


This is with:

LabVIEW 2019

CompactRIO 19.1

NI-RIO 19.1

NI-XNET 19.1


The NI-XNET 19.1 Readme shows that this should be a supported configuration.  Is anyone else having these issues?


Not showing up as an option under 9053 Real-Time Resources:



Also not under 9053 Scan Resources (not that it should be here):



But it does show up under Scan Resources on cRIO FGPA targets:



Is this a bug behavior or a wonky install issue?

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cRIO-904x or 905x has DAQmx feature, which you cannot use when using with XNET device. You will have to make sure that on NI MAX, your cRIO-9053 is in Real-Time Scan mode instead of DAQmx or FPGA.

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Thanks pipipi


I'm still in the process of selecting my hardware, I don't have the controller or modules yet.  So it is not in MAX yet, just in the project.


I thought that the programming mode was set on a by module basis.  The Getting Started Guide shows how to select the programming mode for the module from MAX.  And the cRIO-905x User Manual states "The cRIO-905x supports three programming modes on a per slot basis".   


The article that you linked states "NI-XNET modules can only be used as Real-Time Resources" .  Which makes me think that I would see the NI-9862 as an option under the "Real-Time Resources" in my first image.  


The user manual page linked above gave me the impression that adding a module under the "Real-Time Resource" in the project would put the module in "Real-Time(DAQmx)" programming mode, under "Real-Time Scan Resources" would put the module in "Real-Time Scan (IO Variables)" programming mode, and under the "FPGA Target" would put the module in "LabVIEW FPGA" programming mode.  


I really like the idea of the cRIO DAQmx controllers, but they are completely new to me.  So, maybe I'm still not getting it.


Also: the chassis configuration in the project is set to "LabVIEW FPGA Interface" 




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I apologize for getting this wrong. XNET devices should be set to "Real-Time" and not "Real-Time Scan." Thanks for showing me the manual page.

So I don't really have any other info about this so someone from NI might be needed since it might be a bug...

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No worries.  These types of cRIOs are new to me. I wanted to ping people to see if anyone else was seeing this when following my steps, or if it was just me.


Since then I've opened a request with NI.  The person that I have been talking to has been able to reproduce the behavior.  When you add a "New target or device" 905x to a project, the 986x modules are not showing up as options.  


But when you have an actual cRIO-9053 with an NI-9862 module installed, and discover an "Existing target or device" it populates correctly in the project.


This does seem to be a bug. 


Thanks for responding!

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Seems like a bug to me. Thanks for sharing!

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