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Can we connect the ER-8 to a SC-2040 using one of the 50-pin connections on the ER-8 with the J11 connector on the SC-2040?

We have an ER-8 with two 50-pin connections. One is for DIO-24 devices, one is for DIO-32 devices and we do not know which to use to connect to the SC-2040, or if we even can. Additionally, our DAQ is a PCI-MIO16-E-1 and we are currently using 14 channels for data acquistion. Is there room to run 4 channels of our ER-8? If not, can we run the 4 channels off of one input effectively making them one switch?
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To connect the SC-2040 and the ER-8 to the PCI-MIO-16E-1 you will need to use a SC-2050.

You will connect the PCI-MIO-16E-1 to the SC-2050 J1 connector with an SH-6850 cable. Then use the J2 connector on the SC-2050 to connect to the SC-2040 and the digital connector to connect to the ER-8.
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