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Can the PFI 0 terminal on a cRIO be used as a simple software-timed digital output?

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I am using a cRIO-9053 with all c-series modules in scan mode and need a simple software-timed digital output to use for an LED status indicator.  Since none of the modules contain a digital output, I am hoping to use the PFI 0 terminal on the cRIO chassis for this function.


I've made numerous attempts using DAQ-MX with no luck.  Is there any way to simply write a Boolean value to the cRIO PFI 0 terminal from the LabVIEW real-time programming side?



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I know the PFI terminal can be routed to the FPGA, so that can be a solution if you're using this hardware resource in the cRIO: Using PFI0 in the FPGA of the CompactRIO With DAQmx 


Moreover, the PFI goes through the DAQmx ASIC, so I presume a counter should be able to output a signal through there: How to Output a Digital Signal from a cDAQ PFI Chassis Terminal 

(Disclaimer: I have never tried this, and cannot ensure it will work, but it's worth a try).



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Thank you for your reply.  We aren't using the FPGA as a resource in this application, but I was able to get it working using the example shown in How to Output a Digital Signal from a cDAQ PFI Chassis Terminal.


Thanks - much appreciated!



Al Rauch

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