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Can the NI5112 board work on the continuous acquisition model?

We need get all the datum under the sampling rate of 100MS/s in 20ms(the total datum are about 16MB=the NI5112 board's memory),but the board doesn't work or wait a long long time.We hope the board can work on the FIFO model,so that we can get the datum on real_time and fast.We don't know if it can be realized and how to realized.We'll be grateful for your help.
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The 5112 can accomplish continuous acquisition. However, due to PCI limitations and other system limitations you can not stream data from the 5112 to the PC at 100MS/s continuously.

However, if I had more information on your application then we can see if we can come up with a solution that fits your needs. For example, what are you trying to measure? Is the entire signal of interest to you or are certain anomalies important in the signal and the time in between is insignificant? If you describe your application more throughly than we can see if we can solve your measurement needs with a different approach.

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