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Can an sbRIO-9651 output quadrature signals?

Hi all, I'm new here and I was wondering if it is possible (and how) to use labview to designate a quadrature signal, and then use an sbRIO to output that signal. Any help would be much appreciated.


In case you're wondering: what I need to do is send a quadrature signal to a motor controller which then uses that signal to ramp up/down motor RPMs, and I want to do that digitally instead of going out and buying a physical knob of some sort.

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Hi Jason,


I am glad that you are starting using LabVIEW and have this interesting project to develop your programming skills.


It is indeed possible to output this quadrature signal and control motors from your sbRIO.


I would recommend to start by using an example inside LabVIEW to get started on using Digital Ouput tasks. For this you would need to access the example finder as demonstrated on the link below:


The example I find suited for your case is called "Digital Line Output - R series.lvproj" and the exact location is on:


Hardware Input and Output -> R series -> Basic IO 


Please review this code and try to understand the architecture and how the code works. Also there are many other examples that you can learn from.


I hope this helps,


David M.

National Instruments

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