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Can I daisy chain an NI 9154 MXI-Express RIO off the cRIO-9068?

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I'd like to use the cRIO-9068 in a new system but will need a second chassis daisy chained off the first. Can I use the NI 9154 MXI-Express RIO? If so, how do I connect the MXI cable up to the 9068?

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HI Southern_Cross, 

The 9068 does not have any MXI capabilities so you would not be able to hook up the 9154 MXI-Express RIO to it in your daisy chain type of configuration. There's more information about the MXI-Express RIO's here:

Douglas Choisnet
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Accepted by topic author Southern_Cross

Not the MXI Express, but you can use EtherCAT: NI 9144 8-Slot EtherCAT Slave Chassis for C Series I/O Modules

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As an FYI for those with similar questions...


The current cRIO Advisor on NI.COM does not help resolve this question. It will allow you to select the 9068 as the primary controller configured to be daisy chained to the 9154 w/o giving you any feedback that this is incompatible...


Hopefully the Advisor logic can be updated to be more helpful in this regard.

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