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CRIO Python Automatically Now Included?

We're moving from 2019 to 2020 on our SOM (9651). Suddenly we can no longer use NI RAD to duplicate the image. Digging in, we found that we're over the halfway point of storage on the SOM. Apparently RAD needs at least half the disk space to make an image (no idea why.... seems silly you can't image when it's more than half the disk full, but it is what it is). When looking at disk space, with 2019, we had 238MB of 387 free. Now with 2020 components installed, we only have 124 with no real difference in the size of our actual application.


Digging into the difference, we can see now there's over a 100MB of stuff related to python installed. We don't use python. No idea how that got in. How do we get rid of it? It's not in the software install list. Why is it suddenly included?



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