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CRIO 9022 - RAD Utility Error

I have a selection of 5 cRios NI-9022 and am trying to retrieve the images from them using the Replication and Deployment Utility.


I can get the images off 4 of the units but the final one pushes out error --2147220331


Has anyone seen this error or have an understanding of why the image off this particular unit cannot be retrieved?



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The error description is "Failed to get one or more files while creating system image. The image is incomplete or invalid.".


You could be running out of non-volatile storage, as Create System Image (used by RAD) has to make a copy of the installed software. Take a look at the amount of free non-volatile storage you have available. If it is substantially less than 50% of the 2GB (?), space could be an issue. Compare the failing cRIO to the others.


If you can redeploy the existing image, install a basic image to the cRIO and confirm RAD can create an image. This will confirm everything is working.


What can be done of there is not enough storage? Reduce the footprint of the installed software. RAD/Create System Image does not have the ability to create a duplicate image on external storage (e.g. USB memory).


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David C
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