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C-series configuration in MAX

Hi Folks,


I'm new to the cRIO/C-series modules, but have been using Compact FieldPoint w/RT for some time. Can someone please explain the rationale behind not being able to configure the C-series modules from within MAX? I understand that scan-mode interface is not the primary intended use of these devices, but why not enable it?


I had a great schema setup with the cFPs, which allowed the users to supply the PSP URL for each card/channel they wished to utilize. All the card-specific configuration was then done in MAX, which meant that I, as the developer, didn't have to concern myself with all the possible modules the user may want to use in the future. Now I have to write routines to cover the large configuration possibilities with many modules? I see some mention of monkeying around with the Project files/etc; but this seems to be a hairy proposition.


Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

2011 w/RT, DSC, cRIO
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PS - cRIO-9022, 9219, 9203, and 9481 for now.

2011 w/RT, DSC, cRIO
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You are correct in thinking there is no major configuration for the cRIO in MAX.

The cRIO configuration you are looking for is best done in a project in LabVIEW. Its not quite as hairy as you may have heard.


You can do similar tasks as the Field Point by adding your cRIO target into a project and then scanning for modules.



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