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Browse for cRIO devices shows entries but none are selectable

I have a nirio_resource control on a LabVIEW Desktop FP within a project that contains 3 cRIO chassis.  It does not seem to autopopulate and

if I choose to browse it detects the cRIO's but will not let me select one.  

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The first thing to note is that this control is a RIO control, not cRIO. cRIO refers to the RT controllers you are using, while RIO refers to any FPGA targets (R series card, cRIO chassis). So this control is used to reference the FPGA on your cRIO chassis, not the cRIO controller or system as a whole.


Based on a little browsing it looks like the control detects physical cRIO systems and their RIO targets connected to you computer. After you browse in the control, you should see a list of physical systems connect to your computer, and then you need to click on the small Plus '+' symbol next to a cRIO controller to see its RIO target, which you can then select.


After going through this process I get the following reference string:




'cRIO-9002' refers to the cRIO controller on the network and 'RIO0' is the FPGA target in the cRIO controller.


This control does not use the project configuration and will not show you cRIO systems or RIO targets not physically connected to your computer at this time.

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Christian L, CLA
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