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Broken cRIO 9073 - hardware malfunction at main board - diode


Today I had a cRIO that did not work properly. I opened it up for cleaning. First notice was a diode that had loosened from its solder position (both positions - it was totally loose), near the power connectors.


This diode also has a small "bulb" in the plastic so it looks like it has been destroyed.


The diode has "BFP 9AA" printed on it, and is located at position U29 at the cRIO board.


Please see the attached pictures.


What could have been the main source for this to happen so we can prevent this from happening in the future - it is no use to put in a new cRIO and let the same thing happen over time?


What is the pupose of this diode?


I do not wish to solder it back due to warranty(!). This diode is fried.


Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Corny:


For hardware issues like this, I would recommend directly contacting NI Support.  An AE receiving your call should be able to help answer your questions and assist with the process of repairing the board as appropriate/needed.

Alex Person
NI-RIO Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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