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Are event structures supposed to work inside a subvi on an cRIO embedded UI?

It seems like events are not handled correctly when you use an event structure inside a subvi on an embedded cRIO linux UI. Do all event structures need to be on the main block diagram? The first event gets triggered but then the event structure does not seem to respond to any more events. It would be nice to have the events work everywhere for modularity's sake ... it's nice to be able to make your UI a subvi. I make it display with an invoke node.



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Actually I'm wrong it was something else. D'oh! Need more sleep

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What exactly is it that you're running into?  With the first post and the second, it's a bit difficult to help you debug.


Would I expect the event structures to work in a subVI on embedded UI?  Yes, but only as  well as they'd work anywhere else.  I generally only use an event structure in a subVI if it's taking User Events rather than something triggered by the UI.  I keep my UI related events at the top level so that it's easier to poll that event structure.


I'm also a bit curious as to why you'd want the UI in the subVI.  Are you looking to spawn off multiple copies?  If not, isn't it quite a bit easier to handle the UI at the top level and pass references down to subVIs for the controls/indicators you're hoping to update and allow for a more modular approach to updating the UI?  What invoke node are you using to display the UI?  And, how do you trigger it?

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