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Anyone knows how to achieve software interrupt such that data are retrieved every ms, processed and o/p!

I am trying to use Borland C to write a program such that it is able to retrieve raw data and convert into the scaled voltage every 1 ms. After which the converted data is passed into a PID algorithm which is then output from one of the DAQ channel. IN simple words, i am trying to write a software interrupt to read data every 1 ms. Does anyone knows how to do it?
DAQ card i am using is AT-MIO-16DE-10.
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Hi Ascension,

This is not what you want to hear, but,
you can not do this in a Windows environment!
This can only be done in a real time environment.

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Actually NI has the LabVIEW RT that runs in a RT OS.
You can develop PID applications very easy. Keeping the RT performance that a control application needs

Blasioz Valenzuela
National Instruments

Ps.If you would like to get more information about Labview RT you can check:
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What RT OS are you referring to? Is there any alogrithm or NI functions that i can make use of to achieve "software interrupt"? Pardon me if i sound ignorant about this!
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Hello ascension,

We have our RT OS that runs in our Hardware. Right now, we have three differenst types of hardware that can run an RT OS and then download code developed on LabVIEW RT.
PXI platform, you can connect in this
platform DAQ devices as yours.
FieldPoint.- Distributed I/O
7030 DAQ boards, for PCI or PXI

To achieve interrupts in LabVIEW RT we have a function called AI Single
I am going to give also another link to more information about developing applications in LabVIEW RT

if you need more info specific for DAQ and borland you can go to
and send an email to DAQ

Blasioz Valenzuela
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