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Analog Configuration Deployment with RAD Tool

I am working with an NI-sbRIO 9628, having an issue with deploying images taken using the RAD utility tool - specifically images deployed to fresh sbRIOs don't read FPGA based analog inputs.


I have a project where I have defined the FPGA to call the analog input, instead of using the analog input with DAQmx from the RT as is defined in the project when you first create a new sbRIO target. I build the bitfile, then call that bitfile from an RT exe that I develop in another project. Interesting to note and I think is related, when I first started doing this I noticed that the analog inputs weren't returning data when called from the exe, until I reconfigured the sbRIO in the second project to have the analog inputs be under the FPGA section of the chassis. I would have assumed the bitfile managed this, but apparently not. So, I updated the second project to have the correct FPGA configuration, deployed the exe and everything worked as expected. 


The issues comes when I try and take an image of the system using the RAD tool, then deploy that image to a brand new sbRIO - the image is successfully deployed, and RT exe runs, (including the FPGA as FPGA based DIO is working), however the analog input doesn't work - the FPGA level reads return all zeros. I took a new sbRIO that was displaying this behavior, then manually connected to it from my LabVIEW project and deployed the exe. Once I had done this, the analog inputs work.


This seems to indicate to me that something about the analog input configuration isn't being captured in the bitfile OR the image. Anyone have any ideas here on what to do to include this configuration in the image?

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