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Add a DAQMX-9206 to a PC Target in MAX


I have real time PC target configured in MAX and have installed all of the latest drivers via add/remove software from software under the remote systems/target pc.  In particular, I have installed  NI-DAQmx9.35.  When I go to add the 9206 device under Devices and Interfaces/Network Devices, it only lists  Create New VISA TCP....  no option to Find Networked NI-DAQmx Devices as there is under  My System.  I can run simple VI's on the target PC, but no VI that contains the DAQ Assistant as would be expected because the Target PC does not list it.  How do you add a network DAQmx device to a target PC.

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Hey James,

You won't be able to use the Daqmx drivers to do data aquistion on a real time target.  Real time data aquisition is all single point I/O with the sampling rate dependent on the loop rate in your program.  On a real time PC you can do single point I/O using PCI cards that have a Real Time driver written for them (compatability with Real Time can be found on the specifications page for the particular card you are looking at).  If you are using a device communicating with the Real Time PC over TCP/IP your only option will be to communicate using the TCP/IP VI's.  You will not be able to using anything reliant on Daqmx such as the DAQ Assistant.  Please post back if you have any additional questions.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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