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Activation problem in Labview Real time module

Hi everyone, I have a myRio 1900 with me and it come with 3 CD which is the attached files.I did not install all these 3 CD because it is written there is for Windows 8 and below while my laptop is Windows 10. I read from NI website where it say in order to use myRio 1900, i need 3 software which is Labview, Labview Real time module and Labview myRio toolkit. I have downloaded all these 3 from NI website (LabVIEW myRIO Software Bundle) but it prompt me to insert activation code after install. 


Now my question is:

1. Is the Labview Real time module and myRio Toolkit i downloaded are the same thing but different version from the 3 CD ? If yes, How can i activate it ?

2. Can i use NI MAX to program the Myrio 1900 instead ?


Thanks alot !

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