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Access shared folder on network

Is to possible to access a shared folder on the local network from a RT machine (Fieldpoint for example)?

On Windows i use \\PCname\Foldername as a path and it works, but on RT i get error 1430 (path is empty or relative)

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Ciao Snamprogetti,


the way you're using to share files over the network in Windows is OS specific and cannot be used "as is" in Pharlap ETS (the OS Field Point is using). At this time, we cannot make use of a networked drive from LVRT Pharlap OS. 


Searching a bit on the web, I've found this 3rd party tool that may help:


CIFS/SMB File Sharing for VxWorks or other RTOS


Anyway, I suggest you to use the standard ways LabVIEW sugggests (TCP/IP, FTP trough Datasocket, etc.) in order to transfer data or files over the network.


Hope this helps,



Fabio M.
National Instruments
Principal Systems Engineer
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