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About the CSYNC external function of the PXI-1408

Now I have a PXI-1408 image acquisition card of National Instruments,and I use the Visual C++ softeware to program to control this card.Now I want to acquire a color image with this card, that needs the CSYNC external function.But I can not find this function at all.I don't know how to deal with it.
I know the PXI-1408 card has this kind of function ,because when I use the Measurement&Automation to config the PXI-1408 card, there are the function of the "CSYNC external " choice. That means this card can be used under this situation.
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It depends on what type of color image you wish to acquire: RGB or Composite. There are two excellent KnowledgeBases that explain how to configure both image types with your PXI-1408.

Go to and search the KnowledgeBase using the keywords "imaq stillcolor 1408".
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