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About PCI-8531canopen error - 2147136764 occurred in CANopen NMT 1840006

In the process of using Ni pci-8531, I received the CANopen error - 2147136764 occurred in CANopen NMT 1840006 after the launch of the LavVIEW program. I don't know what caused the failure, what is the meaning of this string of numbers 1840006? After the fault pops up, click continue, and the program can continue to run.

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Was this issue resolved? I have seen the same error occur with a PCI-8531 with different text. The suggested action is a manual reset of the system.


My code opens an node etc with no issue / errors but flags this error on the first instance of an SDO read / write. Any thoughts? Could this be a hardware error?



Error code: -2147136764

Error text: CANopen SDO Read [Block].vi:130003


Thank you, Delta J


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