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1 sample per 1 ms

I am using a DAQcard 1200 and i need to acquire data using hardware timing controlled by the LAbview software to acquire 1 sample per 1 ms

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There are multiple ways to sample at 1 kHz with the DAQCard-1200. If you are only scanning on one cahnnel, you can actually achieve up to 100 kHz (100 samples per 1 ms). The best way to begin this program is to look at the DAQ examples that ship with LabVIEW. The deciding factor in how you wish to set up this acquistion will be the conditions for starting/stopping the acquisition. If you want to trigger off a digital signal, explore the "Hardware Triggering" examples. If you want to acquire a specific number of data points and then stop, use one of the "Acquire N Scans" examples. Otherwise, you may acquire data continuously with a "Continuous Acquisition" example.

For more information on connecting your signals and specifics concerning your boa
rd, check out the online manual here

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